One of the things that we get asked more than any other question is what to wear for your photos… it’s such an easy thing to overthink – and we ALL do it!

Being on the other side of the camera is HARD! I can definitely relate with all you parents out there getting ready for family portraits this year.  Trying to get my own five girls ready for last year’s Fall portrait was stressful!  Trading in the photographer role for the mom role,  I was noticing everything! Tweaking and fiddling with every stray hair out of place on everyone, worrying about the littlest one looking, and fussing over the type of smile …or lack of, etc. etc.  -but we survived, and my family still likes me, haha!   And best of all I have this image printed as a 24×36 mounted framed print in my stairwell)…so, OF COURSE it was worth it.  I even convinced hubby to get some couples portraits!  And was pleasantly surprised when we were having fun together while getting pictures done…who knew!  Rebecca (my associate photographer) definitely was great at pulling some genuine smiles from us both.

So moms, it’s a lot of work, but these images will be loved for years! The kids will have left home but childhood memories & laughter will remain.

We’ve given it some thought and have come up with a really simple formula. Here are a few great tips we thought we would share…

1. Keep your palette neutral – but give it one pop of colour.

Note! It’s not important to match that colour exactly – but if you want to accent a simple outfit, keep it in that colour family and you’ll be good to go!

2. Start with one piece and build on it.

We all have that favourite jacket or scarf hanging in our closets – work your way out from there!

3. Consider your home decor.

We’re guessing you want to display these photos for at least a year, so if they look great with the rest of your home, you know that they’re your style!

4. Comfort matters.

If you and your family aren’t comfortable, everybody is miserable – so unless that’s the look you’re going for, wear simple, everyday pieces that you can layer up and work with in our unpredictable southern Alberta weather!

Want more inspiration? Here’s a quick step by step breakdown!

What to wear for family photos in Lethbridge, Alberta(If you want to shop this look, most of these pieces are from the Gap, Old Navy, Le Chateau, and Spring.)


What to wear for family photos in Lethbridge, Alberta

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