Tim and Janet chose to be married here in Lethbridge at the German Canadian Club and we were honoured to have been able to capture such a special occasion for the two of them along with Janet’s 3 boys.  The ceremony was different from any that we have seen before, as it included a great deal of Janet’s cultural wedding traditions. The energy in the ceremony was exciting and beautiful as Tim and Janet were joined by their children and families to celebrate their union. 

Tim and Janet’s lovely smiles and warm embraces were perfectly accentuated, making this an event to remember. 

After the ceremony, Tim and Janet were transported by Lethbridge Limousine to Pavan Park, where we took family pictures. The lovely couple was fortunate to be surrounded by a large group of family members and friends that were eager to share in their joy on this day. Tim was moved to tears as he stood with his parents, feeling their love and support in marrying Janet, it was a special moment for all involved. 


After family pictures, we gathered together the large bridal party for some formal pictures. Tim and Janet chose several adorable little people to be a part of the party and we snapped a few pictures of them before letting them go have a break. Then we took the adults into the trees for some more beautiful shots. 


Each of Janet’s bridesmaids chose her own dress to wear on the day and it was lovely to see the different shades of purple lined up, supporting Janet. She had a large group of fun and exciting women supporting her. We were both in awe of the stunning hair dos on Janet’s bridesmaids, just beautiful!  Tim’s groomsmen looked just as sharp in their suits that complimented the bridesmaids perfectly. 


Tim and Janet’s reception was held back at the German Canadian Club and included lots of dancing and celebration, as well as some beautiful decor. The building was energized with the joy of the day!


All the best going out to Tim & Janet and their 3 boys.


Jennifer & Jackie