Getting ready for family photos can be… well, a scramble. Getting hubby and kiddos to cooperate, figuring out what to wear, figuring out what time of the day is best for everyone, scheduling around naps and back to school activities – we know the drill and it’s a stressful one!

Okay Mom… breathe deep. Here are a few things to make things a little easier on you AND get beautiful portraits of those you cherish most!

1. No need to get matchy-matchy.

Keep it simple. As long as your clothes don’t clash with the surroundings and no one person has on a crazy outfit, you’re fine. Neutrals are great with a bit of color added.  Layers work wonderfully!  And remember…avoid bright bold patterns, logos or lettering on clothing.   Fads will come and go, but mages can stay timeless with focus on the people and the relationships in the image instead of the clothing.    A quick tip: choose one main colour (can be different shades!), two supporting colours, and a neutral to tie it all together. Most importantly, wear something you’re comfortable in – it’ll show in the photos. If you’re still stuck, think about where you want to hang your family photos – coordinate with the decor in that room.

Still feeling stuck? We’ve broken it down into three easy steps – read that post right here!

2. Trust the photographer to do her job.

We’ve worked with family and kids a ton, and no lie – usually it’s the PARENTS that are looking over at the kiddos to make sure they’re behaving, while the kiddos smile into the lens. Just listen up, loosen up, and try to have some fun with your offspring. We’ll figure the rest out on our end!

3. Bribe your husband kiddos.

We’re just going to cut to the chase and be honest for a second. We’re pretty big on bribery around here. If you can keep a couple of candies or goldfish handy, they’ll work wonders on your toddler. If your teenage boy is being a stinker, bribe him with pizza after. You get the idea!

We know how complicated it feels… but have fun with it! We don’t expect 100% angelic behaviour, we’re used to rolling with the punches, and we’ll make sure we get the shots regardless of the circumstances.

It’s tough not to stress out about getting that perfect photo for your fireplace mantle or holiday card, but basically – just enjoy the experience and not only will you get better photos… you’ll come away with better memories, too!

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