Pouty lips, tiny fingers and toes, dainty eyelashes, and wispy hair… the first days of your child’s life are some of the most precious. Newborn photography sessions let you capture those tiny details, cute poses, and special family moments so that you can look back on these days and relive this overwhelming love and happiness for years to come.



Incredible Portraits

Newborn sessions are never rushed and completely led by your baby. While he or she is soothed and quietly drops off into slumber, we patiently and gently create poses and precious memories for you to cherish forever.

Attention to Detail

You want time to stand still so you can stay in the moment of this overwhelming love and happiness forever – we get it. We capture those tiny dimples, perfect lips, and precious fingers & toes for you to look back on for the rest of your life.

Relaxing Experience

We’re extremely experienced and knowledgeable in soothing newborns, handling them safely with care & confidence, and creating images that will make your heart melt just watching. This is more than a photography session – it’s a relaxing, peaceful treat that you will remember for years to come.

Newborn Simplicity

  • $400
  • Our Newborn Simplicity Session is perfect for parents seeking professional pictures of just baby. This session takes about an hour and is spent focusing on the tiny details and sweet expressions of your sleeping baby. It’s so important have photos to look back on.

Newborn Signature

  • $600
  • Our Signature Newborn Session is perfect for parents seeking the ultimate newborn photography experience. These two hour sessions are spent focusing on the tiny details of your baby and the bond between parents. Siblings are included, of course!

Belly to Baby

  • Bundles
  • Our Belly to Baby bundles let us capture all of the precious details of your growing belly AND your brand new baby! You might want to rush through being pregnant, but one day you’ll miss the flutters of that growing baby… and forget how small they once were.
The following choices are presented with all of our newborn sessions…
  • Baby-led studio session

  • Use of available baby hats & wraps

  • Sleepy newborn posing and plenty of time to feed, snuggle, or change baby

  • Relaxing, cozy space with comfortable chairs, a change table, and plenty of room for quiet time

  • Images retouched and edited for artistic style

  • In-person viewing session held after your photos are ready

“Jackie is awesome! She is super nice, and so patient. We did our newborn photos when our daughter was three weeks old… which can be a little harder to do because they aren’t quite as sleepy as 7-10 days old. That didn’t stop Jackie from getting some absolutely beautiful “sleepy time” pictures of her!”

Lani H, Lethbridge

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