Noella and Neil had a beautiful wedding at the Norland Historic Estate here in Lethbridge. The Norland was the ideal location for their Gatsby-themed wedding, and the decorations and attire that Noella coordinated fit together perfectly for a simply elegant wedding. We met up with Noella and Neil in the afternoon as they were getting ready for their early evening wedding and were able to catch the finishing touches of their preparations. Noella’s hair and hair piece were beautifully arranged and matched the style of her unique dress, creating the perfect look for the day. Her Matron of Honour complimented her in just the right ways and the two of them had a great time getting ready; accessorizing, laughing, and enjoying a glass of wine together. 

Neil and Noella had an intimate first look on the balcony of the Norland where Neil had the opportunity of seeing Noella first, before walking down the aisle. Noella was glowing as Neil turned around and it was a moment of pure joy to see the excitement on their faces. Such a lovely moment to enjoy and capture before saying “I do”.

Everything was perfect, from the beautiful green trees and grass to the sparkling bouquet-arranged by Noella herself. Neil was clearly captivated by his bride which made it easy to capture the feeling of the day.

The ceremony was held outside at the Norland and was an elegant, but simple affair. Neil and Noella walked down the aisle together and several of their guests were touched almost to tears by their choice. They included a sand ceremony to symbolize the uniting of their families, with a combined four sons, it made for a lovely art piece full of the symbolism of the day.

The ceremony was followed by cocktails and we took the opportunity to grab some family photos before heading into the reception.  The guests were able to mingle with a champagne reception held outside and the evening rang with laughter and fun.

It was a beautiful day, full of laughter and love. Neil and Noella are wonderful people who care deeply for each other and their families. The love was evident and it was exciting to see their families come together to support them in their new adventure. Congratulations on your wedding and thank you for including us in your day! 

All the Best

~Jennifer & Jackie