Well ladies, if you weren’t in attendance to this event, you missed a fantastic night!  Many local sponsors from the community joined together with the Lethbridge Fire Fighter’s Charities Association to bring you the hottest ladies night in Lethbridge, hosted at the Servus Sports Centre.
There was stadium seating with a great view, and down below closer to the stage were the VIP tables which surrounded the long catwalk; no matter where a person sat, they had a great view and were also treated to complimentary wine and a gift bag. These bags were assembled by the amazing staff at Cuppers Coffee & Tea  – a big shout out to them for all the hours that were put in!  In the second arena, spectators could grab a drink, supplied by Petris Liquor Store and buy a wristband for the “all you can eat” delicious appetizer buffet. There was a candy bar created  by Karen with Create Decorations & Events, who also decorated for the event, and all night there was fun photo booth put on by Wacky Shots
Before the show started, we captured a quick picture in the back with the guys before they went on stage.  Amongst all of the gear & bags, we had everyone gather for some fun shots, while they were all dressed up, styling suits from Black & Lee Tuxedos & Suits  
The show was about to start and we headed back out to capture the nights events!
There was copious amounts of screaming and cheers as each firefighter strutted their way down the catwalk, teasing the ladies as they slowly removed their suit jackets and threw it over their shoulder as they walked away.  The
The second lineup, was attire that the firefighters chose themselves to wear. It was a very diverse ensemble, ranging from marital arts, cowboy, swim wear, daisy dukes, yoga wear to bag pipes and a kilt. Dancing, marital arts and acrobatic skills were shown off, showing us ladies these men sure can put on a show!  Kiss 107.7, another sponsor of the night provided some great commentary and got the crowd really going!
Lastly the favourite part of the whole night, was when these smokin’ hot firefighters paraded down the catwalk in their turnout gear. They lost their jacket and tanks as they got closer to the end of the stage, showing off some fabulous spray tans by Organic Tan
Suspenders were dropped over the shoulders, muscles were revealed…some of the ladies received roses, and some women even caught flying candy bags.
In between each clothing change, the firefighters would come out, meet and engage with everyone while the ticket holders were able to vote by putting their tickets in their favourite firefighter’s boot; these votes were counted at the end of the night, determining who gets to be in the calendar and who will be hanging up on your wall for 2019/2020.
Once the event wrapped up at the Servus Sports Centre, the after party continued on at the Lethbridge Coulee Brew Co. well into the rest of the night with a live band and dancing!
A big shout out to all the sponsors that made this event possible and to the staff at Lethbridge Food and Beverage Expo for organizing the event.
Stay tuned for a “behind the scenes” look into the calendar shoot!  Coming up.,…
~ Cheers!
The StandOut Team