Kevin and Michaela were married at the All Saints Roman Catholic Parish here in Lethbridge. The day was particularly unique because the entire city was clouded in smoke from the West – while we are very glad these fires are no longer causing harm and the air is now clear, the result was a soft, dreamy haze to the pictures that definitely makes them memorable.

Kevin proudly wore a kilt for the occasion, as did his brother, in homage to their heritage. The remainder of the groomsmen were dressed in their clerical attire. Michaela wore a beautiful and classic wedding dress and her bridesmaids wore dresses that were very versatile. We loved that the bridesmaids all wore the same dress, but customized them to each have a unique style. This was a seriously stylish wedding party!

Kevin and his groomsmen arrived at All Saints Roman Catholic Parish and proceeded to the balcony overlooking the nave, and watched the pews fill up while waiting for Micheala to arrive and the ceremony to begin.

As Michaela entered and the guests stood, Kevin saw his beautiful bride approach escorted by her parents.  She looked absolutely radiant!  The ceremony was beautiful and it was an honour to have witnessed the union of these two and the beginning of their next chapter.


After the ceremony, we took a short trip down the road to Gyro Park for family and formal pictures. This park has a lot to offer for its size, and we had fun exploring and taking advantage of all the spaces to photograph. We loved the classic feel of the park benches and lamp posts, but also had fun taking some cute bride and groom pictures on the playground!

Kevin and Micheala were up for anything, and we were able to take a wide variety of stunning pictures thanks to them and their amazing wedding party! They had so many fun ideas for photos, and we loved the personal touch to each of the individual photos with the bride and groom. Kevin and Michaela were fantastic to work with – they were both so funny, and took directions like pros. We are so excited about the end results!