As you know, 2020 has not been the year at all we were anticipating. In fact, it sounds almost unbelievable if we were told last year that the entire world would be going through a pandemic and in lockdown. Wedding plans were well underway for many couples and as 2020 progressed, along with Covid-19, many event celebrations had to be cancelled or moved. As the months progressed, uncertainty did too and disappointment quickly followed. Not only have many of you had to cancel family get togethers (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, trips, etc.) but you have also had to deal with the unknown of when this will end? Can we make plans going forward? What will that look like? Is it safe to move the date and if so when? My heart goes out to you, and can I just say that YOU are amazing, strong and resilient! This sucks- no doubt, but I love seeing the quick response, kindness, love, and the ability to pull through and adapt to whatever life has thrown. Cheers my friends!!

With that being said, I want to introduce you to Joe and Ashley! These two, originally planned to be married in Waterton National Park for their wedding date. Well, as government regulations were changed, the announcement came that the park was to be shut down for events and with just a few short weeks to their wedding date, they had to make a complete switch to their entire wedding plans. The options were weighed, and the decision to move forward with the wedding was made. The entire wedding was planned in 2 1/2 weeks after planning the first one for 2 years! They couldn’t have many family and friends there to celebrate as they had originally hoped, but regardless they were able to book a venue in Canmore, Alberta that had open dates due to many other wedding dates moving their dates.

Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club was a beautiful choice! They were able to accommodate quickly under pressure and the the ceremony took place in their outdoor tent overlooking the majestic mountains. Because, at the time, regulations were to have only 20 people in one area at a time, only the bridal party and immediate family were present, along with staff and of course myself and my assistant, Kaytie.

Social distancing was in effect and the ceremony looked a little different than past ones. I must say that in the last 11 years of photographing weddings, this was a first. But wow….THAT BACKGROUND! What a breathtaking view and the ceremony was simple, intimate and gorgeous. A big congratulations to both Joe and Ashley!

Wedding Officiant- Dr. Cheryl Cooper in Canmore, Alberta
Floral for Archway & Bridal Bouquet by PMB Designs in Medicine Hat, Alberta
Bridal Bouquet by PMB Designs in Medicine Hat, Alberta
Suits from Tip Top Tailors
Bridesmaid Dresses from Azazie
Wedding Dress from Amazon
Hair & Makeup by Kristyn