We had the opportunity to share in Jesse & Jenny’s wedding day at the Norland Historic Estate just outside of Lethbridge. There was a vintage style feel mixed with contemporary elegance and every detail was planned perfectly!  This beautiful property made the perfect venue as this couple exchanged their vows in front of their family & friends.

We started the day out with the bridal party finishing off the final touches of hair, makeup and wedding attire. There was beautiful available light and we took full advantage of capturing both the ladies & gents, along with a few moments with the little flower girl..who was absolutely adoreable!  Jenny wore her moms shoes and also had a picture from her mom’s wedding of the two of them together. And as a tribute to her mom, we captured an image of the picture with Jenny in front of the window in the background.  She looked absolutely stunning, and was a beautiful way to involve her mom on her wedding day.

We then went up to the big spacious deck and our bride and groom did a first look with just the two of them.  They both looked amazing and their expressions said it all.

As the day went on, the weather was promising to be a cold one, with a chilly north wind brewing and snow starting to arrive.  We quickly headed outside for some bridal party shots.  Everyone was just fabulous, despite the cold and we got some fantastic shots of the bridal party in a short amount of time.  A shout out to all of them!

The groomsmen were outfitted in attire from Moore’s Clothing in Lethbridge.  And Jesses suit was from Gentlemen Three Menswear.

Jenny styled a dress from Once upon a Bride and her makeup along, with the rest of the bridesmaids was done by Katt Panic Makeup Artistry and Rebecca Fehr from here in Lethbridge.  The flowers from Funky Petals were the perfect touch!

We then headed out to Nikka Yuko Japanese gardens  in Lethbridge, where the north wind was getting worse, bringing more snow with it.  When we arrived James, one of the staff members was simply fantastic!  He gave us all hot apple cider to warm up as the wind chilled everyone to the core. If we could give him 5 stars for a review, there would be 10- he was absolutlely amazing to work with.  He was helpful and accomodating in helping us get some memorable images for Jesse & Jenny.

Once we all had a a chance to warm up a bit, we headed over to one of the buildings and were able to captures some images of the bride and groom where it wasn’t so windy.  We then decided to finsih up outside and brave the cold winter wind to get some beautiful winter shots.  Jesse & Jenny were such troopers, they cuddled right up to each other to stay warm and still enjoyed the day to the fullest!

Rebecca, Jackie G.  and I all worked together to get all the shots we needed in about 15 minutes, and then we all hustled back to warm up fingers and toes.

We headed back to the Norland, where the ceremony was to start at 5pm.  It was decorated beautifully by David and his team at LA Chefs catering, here in Lethbridge.  And they were able to make a quick switch in the ballroom from ceremony to reception in little under an hour, as all the guests mingled and had a cocktail hour in the house (reception hall area).

The ballroom looked fantastic along with some finishing touches of greenery on the table centerpieces from Funky Petals.

Tom from Pyramid entertainment got the party started after dinner and our team added some fun times to the night with a photobooth, where everyone could take home pictures from their night.

A big congratulations going out to Jesse & Jenny! We truly enjoyed being able to capture their special day and wish them all the best as they take on new adventures together.  Cheers!

Jackie S.