What a stunning couple, inside and out! The big event was held at the Lethbridge Rotary Picnic Shelter with beautiful details and decor like the “LOVE” sign (created by the amazing Pink Tie Events!).  Also featured was a bouncy castle to keep the kids entertained, what a fabulous idea!   It was plain to see that family and good friends meant a lot to this wonderful couple, as the afternoon settled into a relaxed social dinner with plenty of good conversation and hugs from all those helping them celebrate. James & Jessica even had a chance to sneak a way to give the bouncy castle a try for themselves… who says it was just for the kids anyway?  What a fun picture, although, I’m quite sure it was hilarious watching both Rebecca and I trying to get the bouncy house shot.  Just picture Rebecca in the corner trying to hold a light while I tried to sneak under the netting while trying to hold a camera steady during peak bouncing.   Ah- good times, we seriously had a good laugh, and hope James & Jessica did too.   Everyone was excited to see these two families come together as one, and you can definitely see the love between them both and the love they have for their children.  We have been looking forward to sharing a few images from their day. Please take a look!  And if you are planning a wedding, then we hope these will give you a few ideas.

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Cheers!   ~Jackie