Photobooths are one of the biggest wedding trends of the last five years, and for good reason! They are a fun way to engage your wedding reception guests, get people talking and moving, and who doesn’t love seeing Grampa Ed in a goofy hat blowing kisses to the camera?!

One thing I noticed over my years of taking photobooth pictures at wedding receptions, office parties, and family events, is that the more personal, the better! Here are some ideas to get you thinking about ways to personalize your photobooth.

Personalized props:

One of my favourite props from a past wedding were paper cutouts of the wedding couples faces on little popsicle sticks…sound creepy? It was actually hilarious! Friends of the happy couple had fun “kissing the groom” and “dipping the bride”. No bride or groom required! Another cool personal prop idea is to incorporate a favourite activity of the bride or groom. Sports teams, professions, favourite foods, movies, and books…find a way for your guests to wear it, use it, or hold it!

Personal style:

Remember that a photobooth will be a focus in the venue space, and it should considered as part of the reception or event decor. Discuss photobooth backdrop colours, materials, and personal style with your photobooth vendor. The photobooth should scream “YOUR NAME/EVENT!” when you look at it. What will the bridal party be wearing? What season is it? Is the look going to be classic, vintage, modern, outdoor, minimal, maximal, floral, wooden, glam? I once did an outdoor wedding reception photobooth, and to fit the playful and floral theme, I strung fake flower vines from trees outside, and added some twinkle lights for ambience. It was a magical addition to the space, and was a completely unique experience for the guests!

Personalized captions

While we provide a variety of props for all event types, we can never know you as well as you know yourself and your guests. Use that to your advantage by creating* little signs with personalized jokes or references. A great example of this was a wedding photobooth with inside jokes about each side of the family (I won’t share them here, but I’m sure you can think of many ideas for your own family!) It was a funny way to get to know the personalities of both the bride and groom’s families, and was a great icebreaker for both sides. If your choose an on-site printing option, your photobooth prints can also be decorated with a pretty banner with the name of the couple, the event, date, or a personalized caption.

*Pro tip: When creating signs, try not to use laminated or shiny paper, as these will usually reflect the photobooth lights and make them difficult or impossible to read in the picture!

Whatever the occasion, it’s important that the photobooth pictures show personality. Talk to your photobooth vendor – if they are anything like me, they are probably brimming with ideas and inspiration, and would love to make your photobooth a special and unique experience!