Disclaimer! We’re fully aware that the photos in this post are not technically perfect. They’re candid, everyday, sometimes-cell-phone, usually spontaneous photos taken by Jackie and Doreen, StandOut team members & real moms. 🙂

(Doreen here!)

Ohhhhh, candid photography. It’s my favourite. I LOVE when I catch my kiddos in moments or pure joy or amusement or even anger – their expressions are amazing! They’re just the best photos to look back on… even there are cookie crumbs and Hot Wheels cars scattered in the background.

Here are a few tips to help you remember your summer… as it actually happens!

1. Stop asking your kids to look at the camera.

The less you fuss, the less they fuss. Calling attention to the fact that you’re about to take their picture is going to ruin every single chance of getting a genuine candid. They shouldn’t even notice you there. This is KEY!

2. Be patient.

I’m not going to lie – a lot of my photos are “staged” BEFORE the action starts. As much as a candid photo sometimes means that I can look back and laugh at what a disaster my counter tops were, sometimes I want a clean shot that just focuses on the kids.

I’ll find my angle, remove the sippy cup from the foreground, and then pull the boys in and engage them.

Here’s the important part: After that, I just have to wait. It’s one of my least favourite things to do, ever. But the best candids are taken when your subjects are totally absorbed in whatever they’re doing. They shouldn’t even notice when you grab a few shots. That’s where the genuine expressions and the JOY come in!

3. Catch the details.

Such a large part of our lives are caught up in tiny, seemingly stupid little things. It’s incredible how many memories flood back when we remember to grab a shot of that stinky, threadbare stuffy or the little thumb tucked into his mouth.

4. Take photos more often.

Lots of practice means that you’ll start catching those little pockets of perfection – and opportunities for the best photos! A huge bonus of pausing to take photos of my kiddos is that it forces me to be present in the moment. I find myself catching little details that I wouldn’t notice otherwise… and that just makes a momma heart happy.

If your little ones are used to seeing the camera in your hands, they’ll stop noticing it. Just pause, take a quick snap or two while they’re playing, and carry on with your day.

We hope you have a wonderful summer ahead of you… and we also hope you can catch some wonderful photos to help your memory! 🙂