Our annual baby chick sessions at the studio the first weekend in April are up and too cute not to share! They are the most popular sessions of the year and this would be our 6th year (not including 2020 due to covid/closures).

The chicks were at the studio for the whole weekend and we had a “chick checker” each night to stop in to check on them. These sessions were lots of fun for both kids and parents, and there were a variety of reactions from our little clients (excitement, laughter, shock and even tears at times).

We had 4 of us working the weekend with each of us filling a role and rotating to help the weekend go seamless.   There was a photographer, chick handler, people greeter and an editor working on sessions in the back as they were completed.  We had all sessions out by the Sunday night for proofing and the chicks (who were all female) went back to my in-law’s farm just outside Lethbridge where they are grown to be laying hens.

Thanks so much to everyone that visited the studio and sharing this fun experience with us!

Happy Easter

The StandOut Photography Team

Questions we’ve been asked👇🏼
❓What do we do with them afterward? – We take them to Jackie’s family farm afterward to live out their days with their other chicken friends.
❓Is it safe for the animals? For the children? – Safety for both chicks and children are a top priority and one staff member is always the designated “chick handler” to ensure little ones are not rough and to ensure a clean space. There are 10 chicks and we rotate them through the day with lots of breaks in between. Before and after the session hand washing is a must.
❓What is the youngest age? – 3 months and up and ideally your baby should be able to hold up their head.
❓Are my kids too old? – No way! We photograph teenagers too and even adults. These are a fun experience for both young and old and we don’t limit that with age.
We hope to see you in the studio soon!