Our annual chick sessions ran last month and they are always a favourite time of year here at the studio. Our studio is located in downtown Lethbridge, and is converted each year to accommodate the arrival of our new friends. The chicks quickly started receiving names by those that visited, along with greetings of smiles, excitement, some fear, and lots of curiosity. Our little clients ranged in all ages and one of our favourite moments of the day, was hearing that it was a little one year old’s first time saying “quack”. She saw the little chicks and was so excited, she just kept repeating the word.

Three of my older daughters helped out over the course of the two days and they were a wonderful help with both kids and chicks. As official “Chick Wranglers” they helped with chicks wandering off set by gently guiding them back and turning them around to face the camera, and ensuring gentle touches by the excited littles.

With a total of 10 chicks, it was nice to rotate them throughout the day with lots of breaks in between. Once all the little chicks had their photo debut, we packed them packed them up to take them back to join the rest of their chicken friends. They are raised just outside Lethbridge at our family farm (and already they have wings and are more than double in size!)


Thank you for bringing in your little ones to visit! It was such a great experience and if you haven’t had a chance to join us yet for baby chick sessions, we encourage you to join us next year! We generally run sessions two weeks before Easter on a Friday and Saturday so all images and prints are ready in time for Easter weekend. I do encourage early booking to ensure a spot, as this year sessions sold out (amazing- thank you Lethbridge! We appreciate your business and for supporting local!)

We look forward to seeing you next year and Happy Easter!

~Jackie and the team!

Enjoy some of our favourite images from our Easter Chick Sessions!