What a way to end 2017, with this beautiful wedding! Our stunning groom and beautiful bride complimented each other in the most perfect way.   The excitement was contagious as family & friends gathered to watch Dirk & Tamara commit their life together.  As the music started playing and Tamara entered, there was goosebumps in the air.  Tamara had previously sang and recorded the song she walked down the aisle to and it was absolutely beautiful!


Rebecca captured this sad little face while the line up formed after the ceremony.  Sometimes waiting for the adults is just hard.  

We headed out to the Research Station, and it was chilly!  Family members did amazing as they braved the cold for pictures.  A big thank you to all who kept in great spirits, especially all the little nieces and nephews.  We had a ton of fun with everyone 🙂


We had about only 15 minutes left of winter light, so we were working quick! These two were just wonderful to work with while we took advantage of the last rays of light   

We finished off at the Coast hotel with a few more pictures, and our poor bridal party could dethaw a bit, and then right into the reception!  A fun and energetic atmosphere formed as family and friends celebrating, laughed and danced.   A truly wonderful & beautifully planned wedding.  Our best wishes and congratulations going out to both Dirk & Tamara!   We loved being able to share in your special day.