Curtis and Cara were married this past April in Coaldale, Alberta and we were very happy to be able to share in their special day!  This year gatherings seem just that much more special and we are so glad to see that couples are finally able to move forward with wedding dates!

Our Groom was counting down the seconds!

And you only get that first look once. Unless we decide to fake it… These brides maids were totally on board to embrace the challenge and we LOVE their expressions.    😉

With so much going on, don’t forget to take advantage of the little moments. You’ll remember them the best!

It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of Curtis and Cara’s family members and friends and there was definitely excitement in the air as everyone gathered to the church for singing and celebration of these two wonderful people.

Our 2nd shooter (Rebecca in this case) has a vital role in the ceremony. It is her job to catch the grooms expression. This photograph is exactly the reason why it is so important. While all eyes are turned to the bride… there is one face & expression SHE will want to remember. Even more so if he can’t believe how lucky he is and actually gasps at the front of the aisle.


Our couple found the perfect balance of vintage charm and elegance using earthy warm tones rich jewel colours to complement everyone. The choice to use a single stem for bridesmaids was a beatuiful minimalist choice that balanced the traditional elements with a modern flare. Let’s not forget their adorably fun choice of footwear for the girls too!

Pavan Park, in North Lethbridge is one of our favourite hidden spaces to photograph. I think these photos speak for why that is! Even when the paths don’t have leaves, there are so many cool looks to them!

And, just because we love to show off the behind the scenes….

This is what you see…

But this is what we see!

A huge thank you to our amazing couple. What a beautiful & fun day to spend celebrating your love for each other!