Clayton & Alison’s wedding had every detail thought of and the decor was handmade by the bride herself! I can only imagine how many hours everything had taken, and  the final result was absolutely stunning!  The ceremony was held at the Gem of the West Museum in Coaldale and the whole theme of the wedding had a rustic feel from the flowers, to the dress, to the decor, the ceremony, and right down to the venue for the reception.  Alison’s dress was just beautiful and was actually a shade of color called “oyster”.   The flowers helped finish the look off and were done by “Flowers on 9th” right here in Lethbridge, and just….”wow”! They did an amazing job!   They are definitely on our “recommend list”!

After the ceremony we did some pictures by the “Birds of Prey” centre, which featured some gorgeous greenery right in the middle of town, and we finished off with some pictures done right inside the museum.  Rebecca helped photographed the day, and she got some really amazing shots. A big thank you to her!

On the way over to the reception, we stopped at their new property they just bought! ..How exciting to be building a brand new house together!! The reception was held at the “Readymade Community Centre” just outside Coaldale, with live music from the “Chevelles”.   Everyone partied hard, including the bride and her dad which both showed off some pretty cool dance moves (for real, I had a hard time holding the camera steady with laughing. And what a fun memory for them both! ).  We loved everything about this wedding and so impressed with all the work that was put into making this day extra special.  And then to top off the night, we stepped outside to take advantage of a bit of sunset sky.

Congratulation Clayton & Alison! We loved sharing in the day with you.

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~Cheers! Jackie

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