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05 Apr 2018

Easter Sessions 2018

A little peek into how our chick sessions went in March! We were having such a great time with these in post processing- laughing at some of the unique and precious expressions.  These sessions are always a favourite for us and the kids. We had Rebecca and Jackie G.  as our designated chick handlers for safety of the chicks, and Jennifer was amazing at taking care of everyone on the front end and handing out easter treats.     After […]

08 Oct 2017

Children’s Fairy Sessions- Lethbridge Children’s Photography

Last month we put together a day for little girls to become their own fairy!  I first had the thought a few years ago when my girls were younger. They were right on the cusp of becoming a “tween” and knowing these years would be gone soon, before the passing years stole their innocence and the wonderful imaginative worlds they had created, I needed to capture this piece of their childhood.  What could I create that could help me remember their […]

21 Aug 2017

Three Tips for the BEST Family Photo Experience

Getting ready for family photos can be… well, a scramble. Getting hubby and kiddos to cooperate, figuring out what to wear, figuring out what time of the day is best for everyone, scheduling around naps and back to school activities – we know the drill and it’s a stressful one! Okay Mom… breathe deep. Here are a few things to make things a little easier on you AND get beautiful portraits of those you cherish most! 1. No need to […]

14 Aug 2017
What to wear for family photos in Lethbridge, Alberta

What to Wear for Fall Family Portraits

One of the things that we get asked more than any other question is what to wear for your photos… it’s such an easy thing to overthink – and we ALL do it! Being on the other side of the camera is HARD! I can definitely relate with all you parents out there getting ready for family portraits this year.  Trying to get my own five girls ready for last year’s Fall portrait was stressful!  Trading in the photographer role […]

13 Jul 2017

Photographing Baby’s First Year – Why It’s Important

Is there a moment more exhilarating than the one in which you discover you’re about to become a parent? So many emotions (and in such great quantity!) – complete joy, utter terror, and everything in between. It hits you again when you decline that first glass of wine, make your first announcement, and feel that first tiny flutter that miiiiiight be a kick. It doesn’t slow down when the baby is born. From the very first moment that you hold, […]

28 Jun 2017

How to Rock Pictures at the Park this Summer ~ Top Tips for Parents!

For most parents & kids, this is the last week of school and it is officially the beginning of summer vacation! The first few weeks are amazing! You get to sleep in and there’s no schedules, but then as the summer weeks go by, your kids start to get a little antsy and the restlessness begins. As a mom of 5, I can relate when my kids are driving me up the wall. They are full of energy and just […]

09 Jun 2017

Four Tips for Better Candid Photos of Your Kids

Disclaimer! We’re fully aware that the photos in this post are not technically perfect. They’re candid, everyday, sometimes-cell-phone, usually spontaneous photos taken by Jackie and Doreen, StandOut team members & real moms. 🙂 (Doreen here!) Ohhhhh, candid photography. It’s my favourite. I LOVE when I catch my kiddos in moments or pure joy or amusement or even anger – their expressions are amazing! They’re just the best photos to look back on… even there are cookie crumbs and Hot Wheels […]

01 May 2017
Lethbridge Cake Smash Photographer

Tips For A Disaster-Free First Birthday Celebration

Congratulations! You made it through Year 1 of parenthood! (Well, close enough, if you’re planning the first birthday celebration.) It’s a huge, bittersweet milestone and chances are, throwing this party is something you’ve been looking forward to for months. We’re moms too – the StandOut team has twelve kiddos! Here are a few of our most practical tips for a disaster-free first birthday celebration. 1. Keep it short. One or two hours is plenty. As you know, tiny humans don’t have a […]

31 Dec 2016

2016 Babies

Oh my! You need to check out all these adorable babies bundled into one post. We had a great year in welcoming 2016 babies with their first photo shoot!  We don’t always get a chance to post up pictures of all our little clients coming through the studio, as our busy season can steal our time away. So…we thought we would share a few pictures of all the newborn sessions we had this past year- as these babies are just […]

05 Dec 2016

Christmas Sessions

We hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit as Christmas approaches! We’ve had lots of families coming through the studio over the last few weeks, and we are excited to share some of our sessions with you all. As we started our November off, Christmas came early to the studio this year, while we prepped for our November Christmas sessions!  Our staff meeting for the month consisted of pulling out all our decor, eating christmas cookies, drinking hot chocolate […]