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04 Nov 2019

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards- 2019

Last month I had the honour of photographing the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year awards. Truth be told, I’ve never attended the event until this year. And I must say, I was very impressed by not only the event itself, but by the amazing accomplishments achieved by businesses right here in our own community! Lethbridge- you ARE impressive. This event wouldn’t be possible without all the many sponsors who helped in the celebration of the accomplishments of […]

14 Aug 2019

Blog Series: Expert Advice from Lethbridge Area Event Planners

Planning a wedding should be exciting and fun, but the pressure to host the perfect day can eat away at some couples. That’s why we always suggest hiring a planner – someone to fight for your vision & juggle the role of designer, budget manager, coordinator, therapist… the list goes on. 🙂 We’ve reached out to a couple of our favourites to share some advice with you! How do you ensure that you’re choosing the right planner for your wedding? […]

03 Jun 2019

How to Personalize Your Photobooth!

Photobooths are one of the biggest wedding trends of the last five years, and for good reason! They are a fun way to engage your wedding reception guests, get people talking and moving, and who doesn’t love seeing Grampa Ed in a goofy hat blowing kisses to the camera?! One thing I noticed over my years of taking photobooth pictures at wedding receptions, office parties, and family events, is that the more personal, the better! Here are some ideas to […]

18 Jul 2018

Business Headshots vs Personal Brand Photography

In a matter of seconds, your potential customers decide if they identify with your brand. The deciding factor? Your visuals. A photo – more so than ever before – is worth a thousand words. Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or professional – sometimes, a selfie just doesn’t cut it. There are two types of business portraits you can have done – the first is a simple headshot, and the other is a personal branding portrait. What’s the difference? 1. Headshots […]

03 Jul 2018

5 Reasons to Consider a Photo Booth For Your Wedding

You’re getting married! The venue is sorted, the dress has been found, and you have a photographer booked. Everything is beginning to fall in to place, when it suddenly occurs to you…what about the fun aspect?  What about those people at the reception who don’t like to dance or those that don’t know each other?   Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding quite like a photo booth! A fun backdrop, a few blush-inducing props and in no time you’ll have friends […]

20 May 2018

2018 Showcase of Women in Business Spring Conference

We had the wonderful opportunity of being one of the many sponsors for the 2018 Showcase of Women in Business Spring Conference- a day full of meaningful insights and lasting connections! This all day conference, coordinated by Pink Tie Events (presented by Avail),  provides women opportunities for personal and professional growth and is held twice a year. There are no limits to what women can achieve…especially when equipped with the right tools, the right plan, and the right attitude.  Held at The […]

04 May 2018

Entrepreneur & “Mompreneur”- The Balancing Act

Entrepreneurs are the worst when it comes to having balance in their lives. I know because I am one. I have a tendency to think about business 24×7 and there is such a passion for what I am doing that I can lose sight of everything beyond work.  We become so focused on getting things done that that we forget to notice where we are going. The problem becomes that we get so engrossed in our work that we completely forget […]

21 Aug 2017

Three Tips for the BEST Family Photo Experience

Getting ready for family photos can be… well, a scramble. Getting hubby and kiddos to cooperate, figuring out what to wear, figuring out what time of the day is best for everyone, scheduling around naps and back to school activities – we know the drill and it’s a stressful one! Okay Mom… breathe deep. Here are a few things to make things a little easier on you AND get beautiful portraits of those you cherish most! 1. No need to […]

14 Aug 2017
What to wear for family photos in Lethbridge, Alberta

What to Wear for Fall Family Portraits

One of the things that we get asked more than any other question is what to wear for your photos… it’s such an easy thing to overthink – and we ALL do it! Being on the other side of the camera is HARD! I can definitely relate with all you parents out there getting ready for family portraits this year.  Trying to get my own five girls ready for last year’s Fall portrait was stressful!  Trading in the photographer role […]

13 Jul 2017

Photographing Baby’s First Year – Why It’s Important

Is there a moment more exhilarating than the one in which you discover you’re about to become a parent? So many emotions (and in such great quantity!) – complete joy, utter terror, and everything in between. It hits you again when you decline that first glass of wine, make your first announcement, and feel that first tiny flutter that miiiiiight be a kick. It doesn’t slow down when the baby is born. From the very first moment that you hold, […]