Beautiful Photography For Your Business & Events


A photo is worth a thousand words.

In today’s visually driven society, you have less than five seconds to make a positive impression. The deciding factor? Your visuals. A photo - more so than ever before - is worth a thousand words.


Your media represents your business.

Low quality, amateur photos reflect poorly on your business. The old adage "eye appeal is buy appeal" holds true, and beautiful photos tell your clients that you're dedicated to quality and professionalism.


Customers want to get to know YOU.

Small is the new big, and connections are key. Simplify your marketing with a bank of beautiful, easily accessible photos that you can pull from at any time. Having the pictures on hand means that your visuals are professional and on brand – plus you’ll save a ton of time!

Why choose StandOut Photography?



We know you’re busy and have lots on the go. We offer express head shot service and can come to you – plus you’ll get easy online access to all of your photos.



We’re a challenge driven team and we love to build meaningful products with people that share our passion for business. Since we’re business owners too, we know what it takes to build a strong & reputable brand.



We don’t compromise on quality. You’re a professional – and that should be reflected in your visuals. Jackie is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, and we guarantee all of our work.



Having great ideas for growing your business is one thing, but applying them clearly and consistently across all of your media can be challenging. That’s what we’re here for – we strengthen your brand with consistent, professional images.

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