Andrew & Melissa were married last, last May (ahem, that’s 2021… but better late than never, especially when it comes to GORGEOUS wedding blog posts!) Any couples planning their upcoming nuptials may want to give some consideration to Waterton as a wedding location, and we think you’ll be quite convinced when you see this stunning wedding! In Springtime, this beautiful National Park gives you the best of all seasons. Turn one way and see endless fresh greenery and flowers…then turn the other way to be awed by majestic snowy peaks and icy lakes!

Luckily, we were able to get the best of both backdrops – and we had a gorgeous couple to put in front of them! We had so much fun with these two and their beautiful family for some ceremony and formal pictures, and we invite you to have a peek at their special day!

Melissa looked stunning in her classic gown & her bouquet of whites and blues, matching Andrew and the excited little ring-bearer awaiting her arrival.

We are quick to capture both sides in this moment of union when the bride and groom first hold hands at the alter, and exchange true expressions of love.

The intimate family-feel of this wedding was obvious. It’s so special when kids can share in the big moments!

Details, details… we love a matching binky for the occasion!

Ok, now getting back to what we said about this location… how about this for a family wedding portrait?

So – we’ll be expecting you in Waterton for your wedding right?

Even just walking between spots here is a photo opportunity, this location is a wedding photographer’s dream!

The cloak of the surrounding forest trees brings out those moments of solitude and reflection with our couples.

Alright, now for the picture that truly sums up a Springtime wedding in Waterton National Park…

This is one of those magical moments when things just come together perfectly for a newly married couple portrait. You couldn’t dream of better than this!

And finally, after a brief warm up inside (the views followed us everywhere!) we set out for the waterfalls.



Thanks to this couple for being so adventurous, all while looking so fantastic!

A belated congratulations to Andrew & Melissa!

We hope this blog post convinces more couples to follow in their footsteps and take advantage of the natural beauty this amazing province has to offer! And if you do, bring us along with you so we can capture it all!