So, you’re getting married. BIG congrats! You’re in for a fun ride!

We all know that weddings mean lots and lots of pictures and chances are, at least one of you two doesn’t LOVE getting your photo taken. (We can relate… we’re much more comfortable on THIS side of the camera!) But rest assured – we’ve got tons of tricks up our sleeves to ensure that you won’t cringe when you look back at your photos!

1. Connect with your photographer.

Set up a consultation or coffee date before you even head out on a photo session – it’s important to make sure that you and your photographer jive before you’re standing awkwardly in front of their camera.

You’re not obligated to hire a photographer after you meet – and a consult can be as quick as fifteen minutes. Totally worthwhile and you just might save yourself a couple hundred bucks and a lot of stress!

2. Trust your photographer.

Okay, just so we’re clear here – you are not going to hire a photographer unless (1) you like their work; and (2) you get along with them.

Once you’ve got those two things squared away, it’s your job to step back and let them work their magic! Your photographer should be giving you lots of direction throughout the photo shoot – and don’t worry, they know exactly what to tweak to make you look your very best! Relax and enjoy your session.

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3. Go with the flow.

A photo session shouldn’t be just pose, click, pose, click. You two have set aside an hour or two to celebrate your love – so don’t be afraid to be affectionate and real!
More than anything, your photographer is there to capture your connection.

It’s okay for a goofy laugh to erupt when your photographer tells you to squeeze your butt cheeks together – that’s probably the idea. Relax!

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Oh, and of course we would never advise you to drink, but if you’re really nervous… it could be just the ticket! These candids are taken before a glass of wine, after one glass, after two, and after three glasses. How adorable is her little nose wrinkle in that last shot?!

(Credit for these photos: Marcos Alberti. Click here for more on this experiment!)

4. Plan your outfit.

Well, of course you’re going to plan what to wear. 🙂 Here are a couple of super practical little tips.

• Wear something bold and colourful with a lot of texture to show off your personality – we’re talking lace, embroidery, dark faded denim, buttons, and ruffles! This type of clothing tends to photograph well and adds a lot of visual interest.

• Unless you have super toned arms, wear a top with sleeves. Oh, and if you’re still self conscious about your arms, holding your elbows away from your sides will really slim them down! (Great to remember if your wedding gown is strapless!)

• Coordinating colours without looking “matchy” can be tough. The more layers, textures, and colours, the better. We LOVE bright or deep colours – jewel tones like mustard yellow, deep purple, turquoise, and dark pink photograph beautifully. Try to stay away from all white!

• If you’re going to wear a print, stay away from small prints – there is not much visual interest there. Think bold! Think outside of the box, and most of all, have fun!

5. Angle your body.

If you’re not following these tips naturally, a good photographer WILL catch it and tweak your posing.

It’s important not to square your shoulders to the camera. Instead, angle your body about a quarter turn away from the camera – you will instantly look slimmer and more relaxed.

Another quick posing tip – we always say “if it can bend, bend it.” Slightly bending your arms, legs, waist, and neck (seriously ANYTHING that bends) instantly adds definition and depth to your photos.

StandOut Photography | Lethbridge & Southern Alberta Engagement Photographer

6. Practice your smile.

There’s nothing worse than having a perfectly lit, beautifully posed photo but a stiff and awkward smile. Here are a couple of things you can try – see what works for you! (Don’t knock ’em till you’ve tried ’em!)

• The side smirk: Purse your lips just a bit and widen your eyes for a soft, natural looking smile.

• The “smize”: Tyra Banks knows what’s up! Laugh on the inside, tilt your chin slightly, and squint just a little to create a smile that reaches all the way to your eyes.

• The tongue-touch: Sit up straight and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, then smile without your teeth. It tightens the muscles in your face and neck and creates a soft, natural looking smile.

We’re betting that you tried every single one of these tricks while reading through – so go try ’em out in front of the mirror! It can’t be worse than grinning away at this blog post, right? Plus, it’s totally worth it for gorgeous photos.

7. Own it!

Last but not least, be confident! You. Are. Beautiful.

You really, really are.

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