The 2017 Lethbridge Firefighter calendars are here!   You voted and the top 12 are featured in this year’s 2017 Calendar- and we’ve got a few exclusive “behind the scenes” from the shoot, PLUS a few images that are not in the calendar!

We’ve been waiting to post until the calendar was officially out, and now we are very excited to share these fun shots we happened to get,  thanks of course to Jennifer (from here in the studio).

Wes from Reflex Supplements in here in Lethbridge helped with prep and meal plans, and the guys showcased some fantastic tans done by Organic Tan.  Months of prep and hard work definitely paid off, because when Shoot day came they were ready to go and looked fantastic..which of course made our job pretty easy.

To start off, we did some of the shots outside, and  yes there was a bit of chill… and these poor shirtless guys did pretty good!  We worked quick, and despite a bit of wind AND it being the end of October, it wasn’t too bad for weather, but then again we did have layers on…

Some of the guys headed out for night shift, so we did the second set inside the bay with those that were left- and that was much, much… much warmer. I’m sure Rebecca’s & Jen’s hands appreciated it, as well as our shirtless firefighters!

Rebecca and Jen nailed the lighting, and by working quickly, but efficiently, we finished in just a little over 2 hours.  Definitely, this was a team effort- thanks everyone!

Be sure to pick up your copy of the calendar and support the Lethbridge Firefighter Charities Association!

Available for purchase at StandOut Photography Studio- 324 7th Street S.

(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am-6pm)


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