Celebrating Halloween – StandOut Style

In the spirit of Halloween, we are sharing a few pictures from an inspired creepy photoshoot done here in our studio! We teamed up with the incredibly fun and talented model Katie Pezzutto, and we created a few different creepy, dark, and magical shots using props and costumes in our studio. To make things even better, we had just received our brand new lighting equipment earlier that same day. This gave us the chance to experiment, and to be creative while having fun, and we ended up with some spectacularly spooky pictures! Featured here are some of our favourite looks from the session, we hope you enjoy them!




We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! For us- we headed out to Stirling for a bit to visit my dad and to see all his new decor he added this year.   And then off we went to collect all the sugar the kids could carry….ugh…so much sugar.


standout-2016-10-31-5818 standout-2016-10-31-5804 standout-2016-10-31-5802 standout-2016-10-31-5800 standout-2016-10-31-5798 standout-2016-10-31-5797

We hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween just as much as we did!

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Jackie is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Her ability to put people at ease is truly exceptional… and comes in super handy when you’re in front of the camera! She has been photographing weddings and family milestones professionally for over six years. Jackie is creative to her core and loves to try new things, which means she's constantly learning, growing, and refining her craft. Jackie is the owner and primary photographer of StandOut Photography. She is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), and in 2015 she won Alberta's Best in Class Wedding Portrait.

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