Oh my! You need to check out all these adorable babies bundled into one post.

We had a great year in welcoming 2016 babies with their first photo shoot!  We don’t always get a chance to post up pictures of all our little clients coming through the studio, as our busy season can steal our time away. So…we thought we would share a few pictures of all the newborn sessions we had this past year- as these babies are just too cute not to share.

And congratulations to all those that welcomed a new family member this past year! We loved working with every single one of you, and look forward to seeing some familiar faces at the one year mark. 😉  The first year goes by way too quickly!  Some of these babies will be one next month already!! Wow- that went by fast!

Happy New Year and Cheers to an exciting 2017!

Thanks for visiting the blog! We are planning some exciting content in the new year, so be sure to check back.  Leave your comments! We would love to hear from you.

dsc_9070 dsc_9185 standout-2016-01-02-8737_bw




Sometimes our little clients just are not happy- but LOVE it for the memories!

standout-2016-01-11-9453_bwstandout-2016-05-14-7244 standout-2016-05-14-7384_bw standout-2016-05-25-9069standout-2016-05-25-8893 standout-2016-05-19-7962 standout-2016-05-19-7931 standout-2016-03-22-3269 standout-2016-03-15-2018-hrstandout-2016-03-15-1992_bw-hr
standout-2016-03-22-3278 standout-2016-02-25-1359_bw standout-2016-02-25-1340

standout-2016-03-20-2920 standout-2016-03-29-4074 standout-2016-07-26-5031 standout-2016-07-26-5040_bw


standout-2016-05-24-8418 standout-2016-05-24-8264 standout-2016-05-24-8351

standout-2016-06-12-1030_wilgosh standout-2016-06-12-1042_bw_wilgosh

standout-2016-07-14-2985 standout-2016-07-14-2973 standout-2016-07-14-3118

standout-2016-08-04-5518 standout-2016-08-04-5730 standout-2016-08-04-5609 standout-2016-08-04-5530 standout-2016-08-11-5960 standout-2016-08-11-6002 standout-2016-08-15-7363_bw


We had our first experience of photographing triplets this year. It was a team effort for sure. The girls here at the studio were fantastic and mom & dad had an amazing system down!

standout-2016-08-31-8800 standout-2016-08-31-8784

image1-5 standout-2016-08-31-8834standout-2016-09-22-1043_bw standout-2016-09-22-1185_bw_edit standout-2016-09-22-1231


A little behind the scenes shots..thanks Kerri!

diptych-1 standout-2016-11-02-5942


For our Hockey lovers out there!

standout-2016-08-30-8646 standout-2016-08-30-8547

diptych-3 standout-2016-11-08-6814standout-2016-11-08-6903