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The StandOut Photography Studio is located in downtown Lethbridge - within minutes of beautiful parks, some seriously gorgeous brick walls, and of course, our favourite local coffee shop! We're a team of five and we love nothing more than to capture tiny slices of your life, that will bring you back for years to come.

Things we ALL love:


We're a friendly bunch. All five of us are fascinated by people, personalities, and relationships... and we love connecting with new folks. Don't be shy! Get in touch!


We work our buns off, but we also know how important it is to kick back and enjoy life! When we're not at the studio, you can find all five of us cramming our brains with all of the knowledge it can hold - we are secretly big nerds who love to learn.


With five chocaholics in the studio, you can rest assured that there are always a few squares of chocolate and a latte to be found!

StandOut Photography | Southern Alberta Photographers
Owner & Photographer

Jackie Standing

Jackie is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Her ability to put people at ease is truly exceptional… and comes in super handy when you’re in front of the camera! She has been photographing weddings and family milestones professionally for over six years. Jackie is creative to her core and loves to try new things, which means she's constantly learning, growing, and refining her craft.

Jackie is the owner and primary photographer of StandOut Photography. She is an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), and in 2015 she won Alberta's Best in Class Wedding Portrait.

StandOut Photography | Southern Alberta Photographers
Associate Photographer & Editor


Rebecca is the superglue that holds the studio together. She is super talented when it comes to lighting and organization, and when things get crazy - which they inevitably do! - she's invariably as cool as a cucumber. And sometimes, even cooler.

Rebecca has been with the studio for four years and she is the Photoshop Queen. Her edits are done (and perfect!) in record time. When she and Jackie work together, they run like a well-oiled machine.

StandOut Photography | Southern Alberta Photographers
Associate Photographer & Designer


Doreen is our resident word nerd and graphic designer. She's a quirky, creative human and pours her heart into her work, from our website and magazine features, to birth announcements and memory keeping pieces for our clients.

StandOut Photography | Southern Alberta Photographers
Associate Photographer


Jennifer is our newest staff member and she has the BEST ideas. We have big plans for her this year! She's a whiz with her camera and we are thrilled to have her fresh, new perspective in the studio.

StandOut Photography | Southern Alberta Photographers
Office & Lighting Assistant


Alyssa joined us at the studio all the way from Nova Scotia just this year. She's a huge sucker for romance... but aren't we all? Seriously though, she's a natural at everything wedding. Since she's come on the scene, the office looks better than ever and our props have never been so organized. Plus, she is hilarious, so we know if she’s around we're going to get the BEST natural smiles from all of our clients!

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