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10 Jul 2017
StandOut Photography | Lethbridge & Area Wedding Photography

Blog Series: Expert Advice from Lethbridge Area Makeup Artists

Feeling nothing short of gorgeous on your wedding day is every bride’s well-deserved right! It’s one of the most photographed days of your life, so figuring out how to keep your makeup looking perfect all day is definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to your wedding to-do list. Luckily, we’ve attended a local wedding or fifty, so we’ve worked with lots of makeup artists right here in Lethbridge and would be happy to recommend someone! We’ve reached […]

28 Jun 2017

How to Rock Pictures at the Park this Summer ~ Top Tips for Parents!

For most parents & kids, this is the last week of school and it is officially the beginning of summer vacation! The first few weeks are amazing! You get to sleep in and there’s no schedules, but then as the summer weeks go by, your kids start to get a little antsy and the restlessness begins. As a mom of 5, I can relate when my kids are driving me up the wall. They are full of energy and just […]

12 Jun 2017
StandOut Photography | Lethbridge & Area Wedding Photography

Blog Series: Expert Advice from Lethbridge Area Wedding Officiants

Your wedding ceremony is the most sacred – and arguably the most important – part of your day. But somehow, scheduling a wedding officiant is often left until last (or even forgotten!) in the chaos that is finding a florist, photographer, venue, and caterer for your wedding. So we’ve reached out to two of our favourite wedding ceremony officiants for a little bit of guidance on how to choose the one that’s just right for you. Norma and Carol are […]

09 Jun 2017

Four Tips for Better Candid Photos of Your Kids

Disclaimer! We’re fully aware that the photos in this post are not technically perfect. They’re candid, everyday, sometimes-cell-phone, usually spontaneous photos taken by Jackie and Doreen, StandOut team members & real moms. 🙂 (Doreen here!) Ohhhhh, candid photography. It’s my favourite. I LOVE when I catch my kiddos in moments or pure joy or amusement or even anger – their expressions are amazing! They’re just the best photos to look back on… even there are cookie crumbs and Hot Wheels […]

25 May 2017
Tips & Tricks from Lethbridge Area Florists

Blog Series: Expert Advice from Lethbridge Area Florists

Hands down, one of our favourite parts of a wedding is the flowers… but we understand that getting them just right can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re like many newly engaged couples, your experience with florals might be limited to those anniversaries that your sweetheart picked up a bouquet for you… and suddenly you have to decide on centerpieces and tablescapes and what to tie on the arbour? Yikes! We reached out to three of our favourite local flower experts to […]

08 May 2017
StandOut Photography | Lethbridge & Southern Alberta Family Photographer

Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Lethbridge Edition – 2017

Mom’s Day is coming up! Hope you’ve got May 14th marked on your calendar!  You know you can just hit Walmart, pick up a “World’s Best Mom” coffee mug and call it a day, but let’s be real – you can do better. Think of all the bedtime stories, ballet recitals, showers of kisses, clean faces, warm towels… and so much more. Moms are awesome! Whether you’re shopping for your mom, grandma, sister, or another special mama in your life – […]

01 May 2017
Lethbridge Cake Smash Photographer

Tips For A Disaster-Free First Birthday Celebration

Congratulations! You made it through Year 1 of parenthood! (Well, close enough, if you’re planning the first birthday celebration.) It’s a huge, bittersweet milestone and chances are, throwing this party is something you’ve been looking forward to for months. We’re moms too – the StandOut team has twelve kiddos! Here are a few of our most practical tips for a disaster-free first birthday celebration. 1. Keep it short. One or two hours is plenty. As you know, tiny humans don’t have a […]

30 Mar 2017

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

You’re engaged! And have now officially entered into the “Wedding Planning” world- Congratulations! I’m sure your head is spinning with wedding “everything”. Luckily there are lots of resources out there to give you a step up in planning your BIG DAY! There is a ton to think about, and you have spent days, weeks, months and maybe even years planning every tiny detail to your day, and now it’s time to choose your photographer! So where do you start? 1.) […]

01 Feb 2017
StandOut Photography | Lethbridge & Southern Alberta Engagement Photographer

7 Tips for Looking FABULOUS in Your Engagement Photos

So, you’re getting married. BIG congrats! You’re in for a fun ride! We all know that weddings mean lots and lots of pictures and chances are, at least one of you two doesn’t LOVE getting your photo taken. (We can relate… we’re much more comfortable on THIS side of the camera!) But rest assured – we’ve got tons of tricks up our sleeves to ensure that you won’t cringe when you look back at your photos! 1. Connect with your […]

19 Jan 2017

How To Organize Your Photos

Remember when we used film cameras and we had to ration the number of photos that we took? If you look back on the pictures you have of your childhood, there’s probably one photo from each birthday, a handful from a special vacation or trip to the beach, and the total is between one and five rolls of film per year. But you know what that means… Every single snap you have of your childhood is a treasure. What about […]